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Westall Way



Without doubt Westall Way is one of Streaky Bay's best kept secrets. In the space of a few short hours Nullarbor Travellers can admire an amazing variety of landforms and seascapes. Dotted along Westall Way you will find rugged limestone cliffs, striking granite boulders covered in golden lichens, secluded granite pools and quite striking seascapes with foaming white breakers. The huge white Yanerbie sandhills are also well worth a visit. Westall Way is probably as good a reason as any to stay another day in Streaky Bay.


This is a view of High Cliff taken from Tractor Beach. If you're lucky you might see a pair of White Sea Eagles who have made their territory in the area. A walking trail leads from Tractor Beach to High cliff.

Beachside camping is permitted at Tractor Beach and many other sites along Westall Way. $1 a day is pretty cheap in this day and age, and the money is well spent on maintaining the camp sites.

Local farners also launch their fishing boats from Tractor Beach - using their tractors of course. My own personal recommendation is that the camp site at The Granites has the best facilities.


The Granites has an excellent sheltered beach camp site with sweeping views to High Cliff and The Dreadnoughts. Below the camp site is a secluded granite rock pool with breaking seas in the background. When you visit The Granites, try and do so on a day with blue skies - your photographs will have much better colour contrast. If you're camping at The Granites I'd recommend you bring plenty of water, a barbecue and some insect repellant.


View into the loo

View - looking in!

top ten 'loo view'

View - looking out.


Well, it looks as though Simon has finally found himself a room with a view. Nullarbor Net has rated this little gem as one of the top 10 in Australia!



Smooth Pool is an excellent picnicking spot. Magnificent blue water and breaking waves make the area a seascape photographer's paradise. Smooth Pool itself is an eroding granite shelf that faces the full force of local westerly weather systems. The outcrop extends for several hundreds of meters and at low tide the area is studded with rock pools, some perhaps 2 metres deep. If you are a beachcomber you'll find crabs, small fish, seaweeds, barnacles and the odd starfish living in intertidal pools. Next time Nullarbor Net visits the area we'll be taking a very wide angle camera lens to capture the more panoramic aspects of Smooth Pool.

Red lichen on Granite - Smooth Pool


Smooth Pool is an eroding granite shelf. Check out some of the intertidal rock pools and don't forget to bring your camera!




This is a small section of the eroding granite shelf which stretches for several hundred metres. Bring some good walking shoes.


Smooth Pool breakers



From Streaky Bay you travel along the Point Labatt - Sceale Bay Road. Approximately 9 kilometers south of Streaky Bay you turn onto Westall Way. Roads in the area are not sealed, however, your average car should have no trouble travelling along generally well maintained roads. Westall Way has the added advantage of being a "ring road" and so you won't be covering the same ground twice. If you are a serious hard core cyclist Westall Way may also be to your liking. Just remember to bring plenty of water and some insect repellant.


Lichen on Granite - Smooth Pool