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Denial Bay

Denial Bay is a small community of people some 12 kilometres by sealed road North West of Ceduna. The Denial Bay area's first major permanent settlement was created by William McKenzie in 1889. During the settlement's early years a ship's landing was built to on load and offload farming produce and the necessities for the early pioneer's daily lives.

This was later known as Mac's landing. Ingeniously, the transport and loading of wheat and farm produce was achieved by means of driving wagons out onto the beach at low tide and manhandling the farm goods onto the ship's landing - essentially a platform surrounded by the sea at high tide.

At high tide ships obligingly moored next to the landing and the farm produce was then loaded onto sailing ships for export to Adelaide. The reverse procedure applied to offloading the necessities for the daily lives of the first European settlers to the area. Unlike in the early years Denial Bay is now a minor settlement and has been overtaken by Ceduna as the major settlement for the far west of South Australia. During the last 10 years Oyster Farming has proven to be a growth industry for the town and perhaps again we will see the resurgence of a positively thriving Denial Bay. Denial Bay's waters and the whole of the Far West Coast of South Australia offer unrivalled pristine clean waters for Oyster Farming, and no doubt this will assure the future of the Oyster farming industry.


 Oyster Barge at Clearwater Oyster Farm

Denial Bay Facilities

Being a small settlement Denial Bay has few facilities and services available to the traveller. The town does however possess a small General Store that sells petrol. A public pay phone is also available. For a full range of shopping and business services, Ceduna is the nearest major town, a mere 12 kilometres away by sealed road.

Denial Bay Attractions

Denial Bay is an excellent site in which to search for the renowned Blue Swimmer Crab - its Latin name being Portunus Pelagicus. The Blue Swimmer Crab is found from the Southern Coasts of Western Australia around to the Central Coast of New South Wales. Its abundance around Ceduna and Denial Bay however is legendary with some Japanese tourists and travellers from the Eastern States frequently spending time in the area doing what is locally known as "Crabbing". The delicious Blue Swimmer Crab can be caught from the Denial Bay Jetty using a specially designed Crab Net available from most fishing and tackle suppliers in Ceduna. The essential method is to buy a crab net and attach several metres of 4 or 5 millimetre nylon line. Place some meat or fish in the net and secure it by tying it to the net. Cast the Net into the water and just wait for your dinner to arrive! Hmmm! Delicious!. It is recommended you press the hyperlink to Ceduna's well known chef, known by the name DJ, to discover a good quick recipe for the local Blue Swimmer crab.

Whilst in Denial Bay it is recommended travellers sample freshly harvested locally grown Pacific Oysters. The Oysters can be purchased from local growers in the township of Denial Bay - just follow the signs indicating which growers have fresh Oysters available. Perhaps you could even ask local growers if tours of the Oyster Nursery Beds are available.

Of historical significance is the remnants of McKenzie's Landing which can be seen 50 metres from the shore of Denial Bay, and if you look carefully, you may also see the wheel ruts that have been worn into the limestone by the Bullock Drays being driven out to the original ship's landing.