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Streaky Bay

Dutch Explorer Pieter Nuyts was the first European reported to have actually have sighted the waters of Streaky Bay in 1627 although if he named the area it has been lost with the passage of time. It was not until 1802, however, that the great Navigator Mathew Flinders saw the waters of Streaky Bay for himself during his epic circumnavigation of the Australian continent. In view of the streaked appearance of the sea Flinder's named this area Streaky Bay.

It is interesting to note that Flinder's mistakenly believed that the streaked appearance of the sea may well have been due to the out flowing of a river into the sea. In fact the banded appearance is due to oils given off by kelp growing within the bay.

Flinder's mistaken belief that a river flowed into the bay prompted later Australian explorers such as Mitchell and Edward John Eyre to speculate that a great river flowed from the Great Dividing Range to the South West across fully half of the Australian continent, before finally entering the sea in the vicinity of Streaky Bay. Eyre's later explorations of the Eyre Peninsula in 1839-40 proved this to be wrong.

Today Streaky Bay is a small picturesque town of approximately 1000 people. The town itself serves the local wheat farming community and a significant fishing industry specialising in Crayfish (Lobsters), Abalone and shark. During school holidays it is a favored holiday destination for South Australian families.

Streaky Bay Hotel is owned and supported by the local community.
Streaky Bay Community Hotel - Motel

Streaky Bay Facilities

For the traveller Streaky Bay offers a wide range of facilities to cover all budgets. Within the town centre are two main shopping streets, both just metres from the Streaky Bay Foreshore and Jetty.

Streaky Bay Roadhouse and Tourist Information Centre is located on 7 - 15 Alfred Terrace, just a stone's throw away from the foreshore. Within the tourist centre travelers will find quite a wide range of brochures and maps detailing Streaky Bay's many fine attractions. Streaky Bay's Roadhouse also sells petrol, take away foods, and has eat in facilities for up to 100 people. Opening hours are 6.30 am to 9.00 pm. For further information and local advice telephone (08) 8626 1126.

Located on Bay Road are a number of businesses within view of the local jetty. On Bay Road you will find a Chemplus pharmacy which sells camera supplies, a newsagency, Crowder's Tyre service, a post office with online banking, and the ANZ bank. The local IGA supermarket is also located on Bay Road and is open during the day from Monday to Saturday.  EFTPOS facilities are available at the IGA supermarket.  Colleen's Kitchen is also located on Bay Road and offers friendly service and a pleasant dining area. Nullarbor Net recommends you try their Roast Chicken rolls with almond and mayonnaise dressings. For local crafts you can check out the Eyre Craft Centre on the corner of Bay and Wells streets. Beck Brothers also have a number of holiday units located on the beachfront. Labatt House is also situated on the waterfront and provides Backpacker Accommodation.

Streaky Bay Accommodation

Streaky Bay Foreshore Tourist Caravan Park is located at 82 Wells Street, a couple of hundred metres west of the Hotel. Within the Caravan Park you will find 162 powered sites, a camp kitchen, and 26 cabins. Two laundromats are also available, and adjacent to the Caravan Park is the local APEX children's playground. Located within the Caravan Park are coin operated barbecues, a kiosk and takeaway food facility. Pensioners are offered concessional rates. Dogs are permitted on a leash. Streaky Bay Caravan Park  is conveniently located on the foreshore, and can be accessed via Wells Street which runs off Bay Road. Streaky Bay's Caravan Park accommodation rates are as follows:

Executive en suite cabins - $110 per night
Deluxe en suite cabins - $90 per night
Brick en suite cabins - $100 per night
Standard en suite cabins - $80 per night
Caravan Park Units $55 per night

Powered Caravan Sites $28 per night for 2
Unpowered caravan Sites $23 per night for 2
Rates are valid as at 8 October 2011.

For further information please view www.streakybayftpark.com.au or contact (08) 8626 1666 or info@streakybayftpark.com.au.

The Streaky Bay Hotel is also located on the corner of Alfred Terrace and Bay Road. The Hotel is impossible to miss given its colonial style of architecture and sweeping views to the Streaky Bay Jetty. Within the Streaky Bay Hotel are 24 Motel units, 13 Hotel Rooms, and a self contained flat. Units are also available with amenities for the disabled. EFTPOS facilities are available. Other facilities within the Streaky Bay Hotel Motel include bar facilities and an al fresco dining area with great views over Streaky Bay. For further information contact (08) 8626 1008, fax (08) 8626 1630 or admin@streakybayhotel.com.au..

Streaky Bay Motel & Villas is located at 7 Alfred Terrace. This motel and villa complex has a number of different accommodation types and caters for singles, doubles, twin and family groups. Amenities include an inside pool, heated spa and games room, large BBQ area and fish cleaning area. Streaky Bay Motel and Villas is conveniently located on the front main street, only metres away from the local jetty, shops and restaurants. For further information you can telephone or fax (08) 8626 1126.  Alternatively view website www.streakybayvillas.com.au


Four days a week the Stateliner Premier Bus Company operates a service between Streaky Bay and Adelaide, and vice versa. Stateliner bus services arrive at and depart from the front of Clearwater Cafe. In Adelaide tickets can be bought from the Franklin Street bus depot - located at 85 Franklin Street.  For timetable details and online bookings please visit www.premierstateliner.com.au

Medical Facilities

Located on the foreshore at the north eastern end of Streaky Bay is the local hospital. The hospital has the services of an on call doctor and nearby on Burke Street is the local Doctor's and Dentist's surgery. The contact number for the doctor's clinic is (08) 8626 1072 and the dentist surgery can be contacted on (08) 8626 1629. Streaky Bay also has the service of a vet located at 2A  Anderson Place. The vet clinic can be contacted on (08) 8626 1350.

Streaky Bay Attractions

Streaky Bay and the adjacent coastline offer the traveler a wealth of things to do. Streaky Bay itself has a jetty which offers fine fishing, and local crabs when they are in season. Snapper can be caught from the Streaky Bay jetty between October and December, with some specimens weighing in at 10 to 20 kilograms. Dotted along the coast are fine sandy swimming beaches, free beachside camping sites, rock pools, and many rock and surf fishing sites. Boat Ramps are also located near Streaky Bay to enable the keen angler to fish the middle of the Bay itself.


Streaky Bay Restored Engine Centre is located on Alfred Terrace and would appeal to the traveler with an interest in vintage machinery. On display are a large number of vintage exhibits and agricultural machinery - with some exhibits dating from 1904. Much of this ever growing collection is in good working order, and opening times are from 2 pm to 4 pm on Tuesdays and Fridays. Other times can be arranged by appointment by telephoning (08) 8626 1001.

Westall Way is as good a reason as any to stay another day in Streaky Bay. For a short 2 or 3 hour excursion I would recommend you make a journey along the Westall Way Tourist Drive. This tourist drive is  made along a well maintained dirt road that takes in the coastal scenery of areas known to locals as High Cliff, The Granites, Smooth Pool, Yanerbie Sand hills and Speeds Point. These areas provide quite amazing scenery and definitely are a must see for the serious seascape photographer.

Cape Bauer is situated approximately 20 kilometres northwest of Streaky Bay and is located on one of the areas scenic drives. The area has a number of high cliffs and sweeping ocean views out towards Olive Island. Along the way you will pass Moore's Boat Ramp (8 kilometres west of Streaky Bay), Hally's Beach, and whistling Rocks where there are some blow holes.

Point Labatt is located 55 kilometres south of Streaky Bay. At Point Labatt Australia's only mainland colony of Sea lions can be observed.

It might be an idea to take your Binoculars if you are heading there.

Murphy's Haystacks are located approximately 40 kilometres south of Streaky Bay. As Streaky Bay locals will tell you the term "Haystacks" is something of a misnomer. These haystacks have nothing to do with farming and  are in fact very fine examples of weathered granite inselberg structures. As such they definitely are a must see for the serious landscape photographer. As you can see from the Murphy's Haystack Gallery these inselbergs are exemplified by finely sculpted pink granite forms that are often encrusted with lichen growths.   From a photographic point of view perhaps it is best to photograph Murphy's Haystacks  in the  early  morning or late afternoon light.

Murphys Haystacks are unique inselbergs. Other interesting Inselberg structures are also found at Pildappa Rock and Ucontitchie Hill - near Wudinna and Minnipa.
Murphys Haystacks - Standing Like Silent Sentinels

Located near to the entrance of Murphy's Haystacks is a picnic area with toilet facilities.  Entry to Murphy's Haystacks is made by a donation of $2-00 which is placed in an honesty box.  We recommend you don't begrudge this money as it is used to maintain the facilities and improve the area. To drive to Murphy's Haystacks you will need to head south from Streaky Bay  down the Flinder's Highway towards Port Lincoln. After approximately 40 kilometres you then turn right onto a sealed road which leads to Calca and Murphy's Haystacks.  A  kilometre or so on the right is the entry point to Murphy's Haystacks.  If the sealed road turns into a dirt road go back because you have gone too far!

Murphys Haystacks are one of nature's little gems. Check out the tree shadows on the rock face.
Murphys Haystacks: One of Nature's Little Gems

Along the way to Murphy's Haystacks it may be a good idea for the traveler to view Eyre's waterhole which is located about 4 kilometres south of Streaky Bay.  Originally this site was the waterhole which Edward John Eyre  used as his first watering point in his explorations and crossing of the Nullarbor Plain further to the west. In something of an irony,  today's travellers frequently use this waterhole as a pleasant enough roadside picnic spot - one  in which it is easy to contemplate the difficulties that Eyre encountered in passing through this remote coastline.

Felchillo Oasis is located twenty kilometres to the North East of Streaky Bay.and can be accessed by travelling north along the main Streaky Bay to Ceduna road. At Perlubie Beach there is a turnoff that heads inland for 10 kilometres or so, whereupon you will finally arrive at the Oasis. This destination is well signposted so just keep an eye out for it.  Felchillo Oasis is a pleasant place for the family to stop and have a break. Felchillo Oasis is part of a broad acre farm of some 4,500 acres and  within the area you will find a fauna park that has quite a few species of birds, many of which are housed in an aviary. Also found at Felchillo Oasis are an Alpaca, Horse, Camels, Wombats, Donkeys, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits Pigs and Dogs. I would imagine these sights would appeal to young children. Within Felchillo Oasis is a Quandong Orchard.  Quandongs are a native fruit of arid Australian regions and ripen between October and December each year. From a health point of view the vitamin C content of Quandongs somewhat higher than that for Oranges on a weight for weight basis.  Quandongs also  make very fine jams and chutneys, and if these are available we recommend you try some and then buy some! From the traveller's point of view Felchillo Oasis also offers cabin accommodation, a self contained cottage, and both powered and unpowered caravan and camping sites.

Beach Side Camping

Beach side camping is an attractive feature of South Australia's remote far western coastline. Within the Streaky Bay area good camp sites, surfing and beach fishing can be found along Westall Way Drive. If you are travelling along the west coast a budget traveler's beachside camp site can also be found at Haslam, situated midway between Streaky Bay and Smoky Bay. Adjacent to the camp site is the Haslam Jetty. Generally you will find that you will have this camp site to yourself. This site would be particularly suited to those of you who are heading to or from Western Australia.

Beachside campers at nearby Haslam. This vehicle was called the Gem Bug and the campers had the beach to themselves. Nearby is a small fishing jetty. Definitely a good camp site for budget travelers. Haslam is located between Streaky Bay and Smoky Bay.
Beach Campers at nearby Haslam

Nullarbor Net Travel Tips

If you are heading to or from the Nullarbor,  Streaky Bay is a destination well worth visiting. To travel via Streaky Bay will only add 30 to 40 kilometres extra distance to your journey. If you are heading west to Perth you should make a detour to Streaky Bay from Poochera. Alternatively if you have just crossed the Nullarbor head south to Streaky Bay from Ceduna. As the locals say, spend a day in Streaky Bay!



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