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Minnipa Background

Minnipa is a small township located 34 kilometres to the west of Wudinna and 34 kilometres east of Poochera. Minnipa is situated within South Australia's grain belt with wheat being the most common crop grown in the area. As with other central and northern Eyre Peninsula settlements the existence of extensive granite domes proved to be unique features that enabled the collection and conservation of rainwater runoff. In the early days of European settlement water was such a precious commodity that even as late as 1913 local railway services were used to transport drinking water for stock along with the usual traffic of passengers, food items and mail. Without the ability to collect rainwater European settlement of the area would have been delayed for many years. Also located within the Minnipa area is the Minnipa Agricultural Centre which conducts applied research relating to dryland agriculture and associated farming technologies. To the North East of Minnipa lie the sheep grazing country and Gawler Ranges National Park.

Minnipa Facilities

Minnipa APEX Park is located on the main Eyre Highway and is the Tourist Information Bay and rest area for travellers passing the town. Within the Information Bay is a picnic area and barbecue site operated by 20 cent pieces. Above the barbecue is a light for night time barbecues. Adjacent to the barbecue area is a building signposted as "Concrete Crappa". I'll leave that to you to discover what it means. The area is surrounded by trees and would provide quite a pleasant rest stop and place to stretch the legs.

One of Minnipa's most frequently visited attractions! Definitely a post modernist design.
The Concrete Crappa

To enter the main township of Minnipa you need to turn off the main highway.

Minnipa Mobil Roadhouse is located on Railway Terrace. Minnipa's Roadhouse sells fuel and some takeaway foods such as Hamburgers, chickens, pies, pasties and so on. The opening hours for the Minnipa Roadhouse are Monday to Thursday 7-30 am to 7-30 pm. Friday and Saturday times are 7-30 am to 8-00 pm. Opening hours for Sunday are 7-30 am to 7-00 pm.

Minnipa IGA grocery supermarket is located on Railway Terrace. The supermarket has EFTPOS facilities and accepts Bank Card, Visa and Master Card. Opening hours are 9-00 am to 5-30 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday hours are 9-00 am to 6-00 pm and Saturday is from 9-00 am to 11-00 am. On Sundays the supermarket is closed.

Minnipa Hotel Motel is located just down the street from the supermarket. Opening hours for the Hotel are 9-00 am to 12-00 am Monday to Saturday. Sunday hours are 11-30 am to 1-00 pm. Adjacent to the hotel is the Motel complex. Minnipa Motel accommodation rates range from $45 - $55 for a single room, $60 - $68 for a double and $60 - $68 for a twin room with extras at $10 per head. For a family of 2 adults and 2 children prices range from $70 - $85. Minnipa Motel accepts Diners Club, Visa, Master Card Bank Card American Express cards. For further information please phone (08) 8680 5005

Minnipa Caravan Park is located on the main Eyre Highway and is priced at $14 per family. If you arrive after hours just park for the night or honk your horn. Pets are allowed on leash. Bookings for the Caravan Park can also be made at Minnipa Hotel. Minnipa's Caravan Park is within easy striking distance of Pildappa Rock, and might therefore provide an interesting overnight stop for travelers wishing to explore attractions that are off the beaten track. For further information please phone Minnipa Caravan Park on (08) 8680 5005.

Eyre Engine Developments also perform mechanical repairs and act as the local RAA agent for emergency roadside repairs. The RAA phone number is (08) 8680 5114.

Minnipa Attractions

As with other towns in this area of Eyre Peninsula the main attractions are a variety of granite outcrops. Tcharkulda Rock is 3 kilometres east of Minnipa and as with most granite domes in the area a wall surrounds the base of the structure to funnel water runoff into an underground water tank. Located within the vicinity of Tcharkulda Rock are picnic, barbecue and toilet facilities. Given that Tcharkulda Rock is so close to the main Eyre Highway it might be a good place to eat your lunch before continuing your journey. 18 kilometres to the north of Minnipa is Pildappa Rock which has a spectacular wave form. This wave form is the result of a process of chemical weathering that occurred when soil levels were at higher levels surrounding the granite structure. Some people consider Pildappa Rock to be a rival to Western Australia's Wave Rock. Located near Pildappa Rock is a picnic area with a free gas barbecue, water facilities, toilets and picnic area.

Pildappa - A Rival to Hyden's Wave Rock
Pildappa Rock - Striking views from the top!

Other inselbergs in the area include Ucontitchie Rock and Murphy's Haystacks near Streaky Bay.

To the North of Minnipa is the sheep station country of the Gawler Ranges and the Gawler Ranges National Park. Some of the roads in this area may at times be in poor condition. If you wish to visit the Gawler Ranges it may pay to get some up to date local advice from the Minnipa Roadhouse.